Thursday, October 13, 2011


Surfrider and Reef Check California hold MPA Public Forum

Why is Surfrider promoting the closure of our healthy North County fishery which not only kills the beach culture going back to Encinitas Dorymen, but shuts down a resource for our kids?

Where was Surfrider when Encinitas dumped truck loads of silt into the water at Moonlight Beach from the Scripps hospital project??? How about you stick to your mission?!!!
OK--so we don't agree on the MPA issue. But I have to say that we are sticking to our mission statement...and that is to “protect our oceans, beaches and waves”. MPAs help protect our ocean. Here's a great article about a MPA in Baja that has worked wonders.–can-we-have-more-of-this-please/

Also remember that the MLPA is based on adaptive management...and if some of the MPAs are not functioning to their utmost, they can be re-analyzed by the State. Also I just want to clarify that the MPA at Swamis isn't a total "closure", some types of fishing are still allowed (spear and hook and line from shore). I know it’s not the kind of fishing you want, but people should know what is still allowed. Thanks.
It is disappointing to see that people still don't seem to understand the benefits of marine sanctuaries and how they actually benefit fish stocks.
Fishermen seem to want 100% of the ocean and don't realize that they are capable of wiping out entire fish stocks. Marine sanctuaries usually add to the fish stocks in surrounding areas, once they are in place.
With less than 5% of the world's ocean being protected, we have some serious educating to do.
If you want a resource for your children, the best course of action are marine sanctuaries. 9/10ths of the world's big fish are gone. We need to create protection before it is too late.
Goddamn you envirowhacks are so F*CKING misguided and ignorant. YES I AM REFERRING YOU YOU STEFANIE AND UWVIDEO1(undoubtedly a bubble blowing buffoon).

Watch as your MPAs concentrate fishing pressure in a few select areas which are going to take the brunt of fishing activity. The MPAs make for a very unbalanced ecosystem. F*CK you all and your anti-fishing agenda.
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