Friday, November 20, 2009


Last Chance to Speak Up on South Coast Marine Protected Areas

Attend Commission Hearing on Dec 9th in LA

The 'end of the line' for South Coast Marine Protected Areas has arrived!  Dec 9th marks the final meeting in a 'yearlong process', and we need you to attend.  Recently, the Blue Ribbon Task Force unanimously voted to forward a final map to the Fish and Game Commission. The map, called the Integrated Preferred Alternative (IPA), is a hybrid map representing diverse Stakeholder views.

The MLPA, as a law, was designed and written to ensure diverse views were incorporated into the final map. Surfrider fully supports the IPA because we believe it contains a balance of conservation and fishing interests--and perspectives from all ocean users.  The Commission will base its decision on public support--and that's why they need to hear from you on Dec 9th!

Please attend the hearing and express that you are concerned about preserving ocean resources and that you support a 'balanced' proposal that provides strong protection while incorporating diverse stakeholder perspectives.

To see the IPA go here:   If you would like help with talking points for the Dec 9th  meeting, please contact Stefanie at:   To stay updated about Surfrider MLPA efforts and to send an action alert to the Commission here:

Dec 9th Meeting Information: 
Radisson Hotel--LAX
6225 W. Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
**please note, the agenda has note been released, but we are assuming public comment will be in the early afternoon. Please visit our blog regularly for the times**

Friday, November 13, 2009


Attend a Hearing to Defeat a Proposal to Build a Landfill atop an Aquifer

Thought a toll road running through a State Park seemed like a bad concept. How about a landfill on top of an aquifer and near an aqueduct in a geologically unstable region containing Native American scared sites. Unfortunately that is what proponents of the Gregory Landfill are pushing (and have been for for many, many years).

We need activists in San Diego to attend an important hearing Nov 18th in San Diego. To learn more about this horrible project and why we need you to attend the hearing on Nov 18, go here


Marine Life Protection Act Final Map sent to Fish and Game Commission.

This week, the Blue Ribbon Task Force unanimously voted to forward the Integrated Preferred Alternative (IPA) map to the Fish and Game Commission. The IPA is a hybrid map containing shapes from all the Regional Stakeholder Group maps.

Surfrider is pleased with the map because we believe some of our recommendations were considered and incorporated into the final map. The BRTF will present the IPA to the Fish and Game Commission on Dec 9 and the Commission will make a final decision early in 2010.

See a write up on Surfrider's thoughts about the final map here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Offshore Drilling Risks to Economy and Proposed Oil Severance Tax in California

Last week, Environment America published an expertly written report using dollar signs to elucidate the risks to our coastal economies from any increase in offshore drilling. According to "Oceans Under the Gun," a new report written by Environment America, our clean beaches and oceans support a vibrant coastal tourism and fishing economy that generates $55 billion per year in California. "Our oceans are truly 'under the gun,' threatened by Big Oil and their allies in Congress who want to expand offshore drilling," said Gina Goodhill, Ocean Advocate with Environment California.

"Offshore drilling severely threatens our national treasures: the beautiful oceans, waves and beaches that provide irreplaceable recreational, economic and ecological resources," states Surfrider Foundation's Legal Manager, Angela Howe. "Now more than ever, we need our California State Legislature and the U.S. Congress to stand strong against any new offshore drilling and incentivize a shift to a more environmentally sustainable energy plan."

The California Legislature has an opportunity to do just that by enacting the Oil Industry Fair Share Act AB 6X (Nava) to charge an oil severance tax on oil companies to pay their fair share. California is the third largest oil producing state in the nation and the only major oil producing state that does not charge this oil severance tax.

This bill would establish a 10% severance tax on the gross value of every barrel of oil produced in the state and prohibit oil companies from passing on the tax to the consumers in the form of higher gas prices. The deposits revenues from the oil severance tax would go into the state's General Fund.

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