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Sept and Oct Updates

This California edition includes a statewide wrap-up, a snapshot of local Surfrider work, and a “take action section”—we are working on a few campaigns/issues that would benefit from the click of your mouse.

September Highlights: 

Nearly 200 devoutly dedicated Surfrider Chapter Leaders descended upon Ventura, CA for the Surfrider Foundation West Coast Summit the last weekend of Sept. These people are the real-deal! They work regular jobs and then spend countless hours of their personal time managing local issues for their Surfrider Chapter.   People from California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Texas, and Canada attended. The weekend was spent strategizing ways to protect our ocean, beaches and waves.   We covered everything from plastic pollution, sea level rise, beach nourishment, ocean planning, how to run an effective chapter, and many more topics. If you are not already plugged into a local Chapter, be sure to check out what the cool people of your neighborhood are doing—and get more involved.       

Capitol WatchThe legislative season ended with a thud for environmentalists. While Surfrider did chalk up a victory by helping stop a piece of legislation that would have gut the Coastal Act (the law that single handedly protects our coastline), we were disappointed with the overall trend of bills that sought to undermine environmental laws and we were disheartened to see bills die that currently have  public support.   Here is a great article summarizing the season.

Looking Local: The San Diego Chapter launched Ocean Friendly Garden classes to help educate people about how their yards/garden  contribute pollution to the ocean—and on the flip side, how a newly designed yard can help reduce pollution from entering  the ocean.   The Chapter garnered great media attention, check it out here: And watch a recent PSA that talks about Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Garden program. 

Take Action Center: 

Stop Devastating Seismic Testing
Last month, we mentioned  PG&E is proposing to conduct seismic testing off the central coast in order to map fault lines near the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. This project is being questioned by expert geologists and would have devastating impacts on marine life and ocean users. Please send a message to the Coastal Commission asking them to deny the project. Recently, Surfrider Staff had 3-quick-minutes to testify before the Commission summarizing our concerns.  Watch the video here  If you do not speak out now we will likely be unable to stop this project from taking place, and it virtually guarantees a similar project take place off San Onofre in the next few months. Please take action and help us spread the word. 

Help Curb Industrial Pollution in Our Ocean
Too many California beaches, coastal areas, and rivers are plagued by pollution from landfills, oil refineries, and other industrial facilities.  Our State Water Board is currently revising regulations on industrial polluted runoff through the update of a statewide Industrial Stormwater Permit. The Industrial Permit is 15 years old and is in desperate need of an update. But mounting political and economic pressures threaten to derail progress on a new permit and delay improvements to water quality.  Surfrider is working with our friends at CA Coastkeeper Alliance to improve stormwater pollution. Please tell the State Water Board to develop a strong Industrial Stormwater Permit and require everyone to do their part to protect California’s waters. 

Where to Place Sewage Treatment Plants?—Not By the Coast PLEASE
The city of Morro Bay has 2 years to build a new sewage treatment plant, and local authorities are very close to making the WRONG decision -- against the will of local citizens! They want to build their new sewage plant NEAR MORRO ROCK (again!) – one of California’s natural wonders and a popular beach and surfing spot. Building on the proposed site will degrade invaluable coastal lands and limit future opportunities to draw more tourism or recreation to the area. Many sewage treatment facilities in California, if not the world, are outdated and do not conform to standards for discharging partially treated pollutants to our coast and ocean. Tell the Coastal Commission to place the treatment plant away from the ocean! 

Keep Informed and Help!

We’re committed to keeping you up to date on California's coastal issues. Pleasevisit our blog to stay informed on more issues affecting the California coast. We’re also dedicated to protecting and preserving the oceans, waves and beaches you love through our ongoing campaigns. But, we need YOU to help turn our campaigns into victories for California's coastline.  Please consider actively supporting Surfrider’s work by becoming a member or making a donation today.


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