Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Marine Protected Areas Soon to be Adopted by Fish and Game Commission

The Surfrider Foundation has been working on the Marine Life Protection Act in southern California for nearly 2 years, and the final "adoption process" of protected areas is coming to close.

Last year, Surfrider Foundation recommended that Fish and Game Commission adopt the Integrated Preferred Alternative (IPA) map.  The Commission has taken over a year to review all the maps before them and has to chosen the IPA as the most feasible map.  The IPA will now officially go forward in environmental review (i.e through a state law called the California Environmental Quality Act CEQA).

It is important the Commission still hear from individual about the importance of implementing the IPA.  The Surfrider Foundation created this action alert that will go directly to the Commissioners,  please take a few seconds to sign and share with your friends.  Go here to sign.   


Park Protection Efforts Move Forward.

Last winter we wrote about the poor state of our state park system.  The Surfrider Foundation has an affinity for parks--not only because our Save Trestles campaign stopped a toll road from running through San Onofre State Park (and potentially ruining the surrounding watershed); but we also appreciate the state park system because 7 of the top 10 most popular parks in California are located along our precious coastline!     

California's state parks are falling apart because of decades of underfunding.  State budget cuts are causing parks to 'fall behind in the system' and there is currently more than $1 billion 'backlog' of maintenance. Our state parks are struggling financially and need permanent funding to ensure they are maintained (i.e. hiking trials, campsites, bathrooms, visitor centers, kiosks, etc), AND that enough staff and personal are hired to ensure our parks are safe (i.e. lifeguards, rangers, facility managers, etc).  Last November, the Surfrider Foundation supported the California State Park and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act of 2010 as a way to maintain healthy parks.

This summer, the California State Park and Wildlife Conservation Trust Fund Act officially qualified for the November ballot; now called Proposition 21.  Prop 21, slated for the Nov 2 election, will create stable and adequate funding for parks.  The funding would come from an annual "State Park Access Pass" surcharge of $18 per California vehicle.  The surcharge will apply to California vehicles and in exchange, they would receive free day-use admission to Parks throughout the year. 

The folks running the ballot initiative are looking for supporters and volunteers, please visit their website

Please review a recent blog post about why Surfrider is supporting park protection efforts.


Pro-Oil Drilling Legislation Defeated in CA and Thousands Gather in Opposition to Drilling.

Every spring and summer several bills go through the state legislature.  Fortunately, the Surfrider Foundation caught Assembly Bill 2719, which would have opened our coastlines to more drilling in California state waters.  The bill was defeated after staunch opposition from the Surfrider Foundation and Environment California.  Surfrider, along with Environment California, headed out on a "Not the Answer Road Show" of five California towns to educate local communities about the dangers of drilling and the importance of defeating the bill.  Toward the end of the "road show" the bill was defeated in the Natural Resource Committee.

To learn more about our Not the Answer Campaign go here. 

In other oil news... on June 26th, thousands of Californians joined hands in opposition to offshore oil drilling.  The "Hands Across the Sand" movement started in Florida and has now become a worldwide movement of grassroots citizens.   On June 26 over 100,000 people joined hands around the world at 900 different sites.  The event was featured on CNN, New York Times, and other major media outlets.  The Surfrider Foundation was the main sponsor for a press conference at the Santa Monica Pier which drew celebrities, elected officials, and concerned citizens.

Here are a few videos from the event.

This video was shown on CNN iReport featuring Laird Hamilton,  Here is another video from the press conference

And this 15 sec video was taken by a lifeguard from his tower.  Great birds-eye view!


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