Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Monthly Policy Update.

Last month our update recapped exciting events from the legislative season.  This monthsreport will focus on a broad range of issues...

California News

You know how Surfrider and our partners killed the toll road (twice)?  Well even though its dead, dead, deadtoll road developers want to rehash the plan by building the first four miles of the road (also known as segmenting or piecemealing).  Have no fear, Surfrider is watching like a hawk!  This crazy new plan directly relates to California policy because simply put--piecemealing is illegal under CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act)!   Find out more about this illegal project and Surfriders take by visiting our Save Trestles Page.
Other Californian Policy Happenings

Surfrider Foundation always monitors and attends California Coastal Commission (CCC) hearings.  At the end of the year, in conjunction with other environmentalists, we compile a report card of how Commissioners voted.   In order to keep our die-hard CCC fans up-to-date more regularly, we are going to provide monthly CCC reports. 

Issues we pick to monitor are based on their likely impact to coastal resources and/or if there is any overlap with Surfrider Foundation work.  However, its important to stress that just because we monitor an issue doesnt mean we are working on the issue; nor should it imply that Surfrider is necessarily opposed or in support of a project.

Here is the write up for October.  There were several issues we had identified to monitor, but most of them were postponed for a later date.

Topanga Creek Widening:

Application from Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to repair and restore a segment of western stream bank of lower Topanga Creek to a less steep gradient, widen the creek and relocate the toe of rip rap 5 feet further landward of its existing location.  Upon completion of the project, Applicant would re-vegetate and restore slope with native vegetation. 

Heal the Bay and Resource Conservation Dist. Of Santa Monica Mountains issued comments that were not in complete opposition to the proposal, but argued that if the Commission issued the permit, it should be issued as a temporary fix.  In addition, they argued that if the permit is issued, it should in no way impede the full restoration of the lagoon in the future. Both organizations urged the Commission to contemplate a larger restoration plan that has been discussed with these organizations and other entities over the past few years; which is still a conceptual design for long-term restoration at Topanga Lagoon.

CCC voted unanimously to approve permit.

Help Defend the National Ocean Policy Today!

Last year, President Obama established the National Ocean Policy to help protect and restore our nations oceans, coasts, and Great Lakes. The policy is already being implemented and is improving collaboration between government agencies, scientists, ocean users, and members of the public.  This is critical for the State of California as we have many coastal resources that need to be protected by a coordinated approach.   Unfortunately, some Members of Congress are attempting to stop the National Ocean Policy with a backdoor attack through an FY12 Appropriations bill. Halting implementation of the policy would reduce our nations capacity to protect and restore our ocean and coastal ecosystems and the communities that depend upon them. Please make your voice heard and ask your Senators and Representative to support the National Ocean Policy and oppose any proposal that would restrict its funding or implementation. Participate in our action alert today by clicking here. 


SB 568: Foam Phase Out Update

Remember the polystyrene ban for restaurants in California that we were talking about this summer? It was shelved at the end of the legislative session in September but will be brought back to the State Assembly in early 2012. SB 568 would provide a state-wide ban on polystyrene take out food packaging to help mitigate the detrimental effects polystyrene is having on our waterways, storm drains and marine life. Expanded polystyrene take-out food and beverage containers are used once for a short time before they become waste, and often litter that has impacts on the marine environment.

Click Here for more info and how you can help make a difference in passing this important bill!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Surfrider and Reef Check California hold MPA Public Forum


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